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serpent collection

This unique collection is a stunning embodiment of feminine strength, rebirth, and the embracing of change. Inspired by the graceful serpents' ability to shed their skin and emerge anew, each piece in this collection reflects the transformative essence of the fall season.

Crafted with meticulous attention, the serpent's sinuous form is a testament to the duality of the feminine spirit – its gentle nurturing and its potent power. Much like the fall season, which ushers in change with its vibrant transformations, the Serpent Collection embraces the beauty of transition. With moonstone, moss aquamarine and pink tourmaline gemstones, symbolizing inner wisdom and the cycles of life, each piece captures the essence of embracing one's feminine intuition.

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handmade sterling silver gold filled dangle earrings pyrite laura j designs
Pyrite Luminance Collection

From delicate earrings that sway like falling leaves to necklaces that illuminate your neckline, each piece in this collection tells a story of elegance and mystique. Mixed metals and pyrite’s enchanting glimmer blend seamlessly, reflecting the spirit of the season. 

Step into fall with a touch of luminous charm. Whether you’re strolling through golden landscapes or dressing for cozy gatherings, the Pyrite Luminance Collection promises to be the perfect companion, capturing the allure of fall’s magic in every piece. 

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autumn aurora collection

The Autumn Aurora Collection captures the essence of autumn’s splendor through a harmonious blend of textures and gemstones. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted with unique components that mirror the delicate patterns found in nature.

The warm embrace of smoky topaz, the fiery brilliance of rhodolite garnet, and the serene charm of blue topaz gemstones come together to create a symphony of colors that reflect the palette of fall. From the rustling leaves to the vibrant sunsets, every element of this collection echoes the magic of autumn’s touch.  

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handmade gold filled sterling silver gemstone necklaces laura j designs