Meet The Designers

Our Team

Laura Jackson

Laura began making jewelry in Boulder, Colorado while studying under Carla Morrison. Always having an artistic ability, she took naturally to the medium. After apprenticing for two years, she perfected her skills in a jewelry repair shop, before branching off to create her own business. Determined that this was her calling, Laura dove right into the industry. She began creating designs of her own and bringing them to shops. Because of this, she has created a reputation for carrying high quality and unique designs, which keep customers returning for more.

Melissa Salmon

Melissa started her journey with jewelry design as a teenager. She frequented the local bead shop and was quickly offered a job, where she honed numerous skills and taught many classes. As an independent artist with a gift for attention to detail and an outside the box design process, Melissa was a natural fit for the Laura J. Designs team. After working as an assistant to Laura for 5 years, she was brought on as a designer and Partner in the company in 2019.

Our Values

We are a small female owned and operated company with a love for all things handmade. We believe there is something special about a product crafted with care and attention, a product that helps support another persons creativity and dreams. At Laura J. Designs, we strive to use our creativity to design beautiful, unique, handcrafted pieces of the highest quality for you to enjoy.

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