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Fine handcrafted jewelry

In a world of mass produced, fast fashion accessories, we believe there is something powerful about a product that is born out of passion, creativity, and dedication to one’s work

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FAll style guide

As the leaves turn to vibrant hues and the air grows crisp, it's time to infuse your jewelry collection with the enchanting beauty of fall. Our Fall Jewelry Style Guide is your compass to navigating the latest trends, essential pieces, and stunning ensembles that capture the essence of the season. Whether you're drawn to warm metals, earthy gemstones, or nature-inspired motifs, this guide will help you curate a jewelry selection that perfectly complements the magic of autumn.

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gemstone highlight

pyrite luminance

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pyrite for fall

Pyrite stands as an ideal gemstone to adorn during fall due to its warm, earthy tones that mirror the season's color palette, encapsulating the golden hues of falling leaves and the cozy sunlight. With its metallic luster reminiscent of autumn's radiant glow, pyrite adds a touch of seasonal radiance to your ensembles. Beyond aesthetics, pyrite's symbolic resonance with abundance, grounding properties, and its ability to enhance confidence align seamlessly with fall's themes of harvest, introspection, and new beginnings, making it a natural and meaningful choice to wear during this transformative season.

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jewelry made with care

handmade with care

Hand forged components are cut, soldered, and polished with care and attention to detail. These made with love pieces are intricately accented with mixed metal details and stunning gemstones.

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jewelry made for women by women

Laura J. Designs is a small female owned and operated company based out of the Philadelphia area. We are just two women with a passion for creating high quality, fashion conscious jewelry.

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Timeless Jewelry

Each piece of jewelry from Laura J. Designs is created to be loved for a lifetime with high quality semi-precious gemstones and hand forged sterling silver and 14k gold filled components

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