Building the Perfect Jewelry Collection

Building the Perfect Jewelry Collection

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Thinking about revamping your jewelry collection? Or maybe starting one for the first time?! Knowing where to start can be overwhelming (especially with how many options there are out there!) but with these simple tips, you can curate a collection that perfectly suits your style!


Starting a Jewelry Collection

First things first– every jewelry collection should have a few staple pieces, like stud earrings, a simple necklace, and a delicate ring or bracelet. Pieces like these can be worn alone, or layered with other accessories as your collection grows!

statement hoop earrings
Think about where you'll be wearing your jewelry and select pieces that match the occasion! Statement pieces may be more appropriate for a night out or a special occasion while simple, delicate pieces are more suited for everyday wear, but it’s nice to have a bit of both so you have the perfect selection for any occasion!
handmade gemstone jewelry
Consider the colors in your wardrobe and choose pieces that will complement your clothing. Gold metals often pair well with warmer colors and silver metals work with cooler colors, but don’t be afraid to try different options to find what you like best!
quality handmade gemstone bracelets
It may be tempting to buy cheaper, trendy pieces to start your collection, but investing in quality jewelry will save you money in the long run and ensure that your collection stays with you for a long time– think quality over quantity!
This is a great way to get your jewelry collection started and experiment with your own style since you can wear all of the pieces together, or just a few at a time! A matching set will allow you to customize your look without having to do all the work of selecting the pieces in the first place.


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